Looking Back...

Before it was The Back Porch Café, this building was the Marvel Boarding House.  
This picture is dated 1921


In times of change... so many of our faces have stayed the same...

Top Row:  Keith, Leo, Marilyn, Siri
                           Marilyn, Keith

Center Circle:  Ted, Victor, Libby
Bottom Row:     Leo, Siri

 Leo, Marilyn, Bee, Keith

And Where They Are Today...


For over 10 years in the 1980's we had a fourth partner who shared the position of executive chef with Leo.  His name is Siri Svasti (known in Thailand as Chef McDang) and after he left the partnership he worked in Baltimore and Key West before returning to his own country of Thailand after a 20 year absence.  He has become the most famous and celebrated television chef and expert on Thai Cuisine in all of Thailand and South East Asia.  He has recently published his first English language cookbook "Principles of Thai Cookery" which will likely become the definitive textbook and cookbook for Thai Cuisine,  the ingredients that go into it, and the culture which produced it.  
Copies are available on Amazon.com.

- Congratulations to our dear friend and former Back Porch partner.

Siri  (Chef McDang)  can be found at  http://chefmcdang.com    


Chef Siri McDang
Chef Siri McDang







His new cookbook can be found at 


One of our founding principles.  

Look at her now!  

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