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Don't Forget Our Monday Night Wine-By-The-Glass Special

Wines provided in part by Bin66 in downtown Rehoboth Beach and Nassau Valley Vineyards, Delaware's first and only award winning winery. For more information, please click the "Links" button.

Our Philosophy of Wine...

At the Back Porch Café, we feel that exceptional food is best enjoyed with good wine. Although our menu has evolved during the 36 years we have been in business, our dedication to providing the highest quality cuisine we possibly can has never changed. Maintaining that quality involves procuring the freshest and best ingredients, which are then professionally prepared by our outstanding kitchen team. However, this effort to please is not a day at the beach. So to make dining with us the unique experience you expect and deserve necessitates a certain price for our cuisine that we are unable to lower. You will note, though, that we offer many wonderful wines at very reasonable prices. Why? Because we care and because we can. . This makes your dining experience more affordable.

Our list encompasses about 60 wines, with more than half available by the glass. We emphasize "good value" wines of exceptional quality or character. We also carry many renowned wines that we try to price for less than you'd find at comparable restaurants. Generally, the more we pay for a wine, the less we will mark it up. We think this enables our patrons to enjoy the best wine they can with their meals.

We particularly enjoy what we call "fruit driven" wines, or wines that predominantly taste like they were made from ripe, delicious fruit. We also favor wines whose vintners have skillfully allowed their wines to express both the terroir (environment) in which they were grown and the inherent varietal characteristics of the particular grape or grapes used. Consequently, we offer a lot of California selections because California's climates are conducive to growing those fruits. Some of the world’s most knowledgeable winemakers are showcasing the stellar qualities of the different California varietals in the most natural fashion possible.

Our list also includes selections from France, Italy, Germany, Australia and New Zealand to provide something for everyone’s taste and preference. But we do more than list the names. To ensure that our frequent diners have something new to try, we change some selections on the list weekly. And we almost always feature two or three wines on the back of the wine menu that are not included inside the menu. These wines are either more esoteric or really exceptional values – quite often these wines are both. 

We are not wine experts. But we recognize a great glass of wine when we taste it. We try to procure our wines and offer them at reasonable prices to our guests to complement our cuisine and make dining at The Back Porch Café the memorable experience you came for. 

So don’t worry about choosing the “correct” wine. All you need to know is this: If you like a wine for any reason, it’s a good wine. If you don't, it isn't.


-- Keith


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